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About Bitcoin Optimizer

WHAT IS THE Bitcoin Optimizer SOFTWARE?

It is hard to imagine that cryptocurrencies have only been around for just a little over a decade. And in that time, no asset class has come close to posting the performance printed by crypto coins and tokens. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was introduced in 2008 with a price of less than a dollar. And by 2017, it had printed a high of just below $20,000. This is a return that could not escape the investing community, and soon afterwards, speculators would start flocking to the crypto market looking to get a slice of the cake.

But cryptocurrencies would evolve from mere stores of value to actual financial assets. Their prices would be pressured by forces of supply and demand and mirror the fluctuations of other types of financial assets. They would still maintain volatility, with big price changes in both directions expected daily. The volatility ensured that lucrative opportunities would still be available daily, but the assets would prove to be inherently risky. It was no longer prudent to buy a cryptocurrency with the hope that its value will skyrocket and deliver big returns. The wise trading strategy would be to trade intraday trading opportunities.

This is how the Bitcoin Optimizer idea was conceived. There was a need to develop a trading software that will scan for lucrative intraday trading opportunities and utilize top technologies and best strategies to take maximum advantage of such opportunities.Bitcoin Optimizer is notably fully automated and looks for profitable opportunities in the crypto markets round the clock. It applies the best technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis to ensure only the best opportunities are traded. It also integrates artificial intelligence to continuously learn the still-nascent cryptocurrency market. Additionally, it has a time leap feature that ensures it is ahead of the retail crypto markets by 0.01 seconds, an advantage that is massive in a fast and dynamic market. It also features VPS functionality which ensures that technical issues, such as internet blips or crashes, will never affect the best execution at all times. If you want to guarantee crypto profits, you definitely want to trade with Bitcoin Optimizer.


Bitcoin Optimizer TEAM

The Bitcoin Optimizer team is made up of top economists, distinguished mathematicians and experienced computer scientists. The team has created numerous applications in the financial technology industry. The idea behind the Bitcoin Optimizer was to create software that can help as many retail investors as possible to gain exposure to the lucrative opportunities available in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

After creating the software, there was a continuous need to refine it based on real price action in the market. Thus, beta testers were recruited and allowed to earn 100% of the profits generated in their accounts. Many early users made big returns. The software is still available for free for a limited period, and it might be your chance to jump in on this crazy opportunity of a lifetime.

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